Hager media JournalistThere are so many jobs today that could be easily outsourced.

Business Process Outsourcing

There are so many jobs today that could be easily outsourced. As the company with roots in Switzerland and operating from the Philippines, we do have the perfect environment for a professional approach, quality, and reliability that will take care of all kinds of jobs, just as if working next door with you.

Hotel Communication Services:
The International hotel industry is based on every sensitive communication skills. English is by far the most important language. We have perfect English speaking staff on hands who will be able to handle your complete email communication, from simple inquiries to sales, from challenging reservation to all kind of special requests.

Hotel Daily Rankings, Ratings and Customer Reviews:
We collect daily rankings, ratings and customer reviews of hotels. We provide the hotels with these reports for their own reference and to help them improve their services.

Product Marketing and Admin Jobs:
We gather contacts for your company and arrange meetings for you and your sales and marketing team. With innovation, we find potential buyers, business partners, and entrepreneurs to make your business flaunt the map in your industry.

Address Collection for Different Purposes:
We collect contact information from different sources and blogs all over the globe for i.e. press release purposes.

Photo Editing Works:
We edit photographs and clean it according to your taste and aesthetics, making it possible for large scale printing while preserving the details of your photographs.

For photo databases, we provide image quality control motif checks, photo editing, keywording, and archiving.


Hager media JournalistNewsletters are the most efficient and cost-effective tool in...


Newsletters are the most efficient and cost-effective tool in bringing your products and services to your target market. We are true professionals in this category. With our help, you can play to your strengths and disperse your information specifically to your intended clientele. You will reach your customers without unnecessary losses. A creative text with vital information is the backbone of our newsletters.


hager media mandatesSpecial attention is a priority when there are specific events and...


Special attention is a priority when there are specific events and occasions, essential destinations, services and products that have to be in the spotlight that needs attention. Advice on a mandate basis, we design, produce and publish advertising, information and media carriers/outlets that will reach the target market and evoke their emotions. We will take care of the design of your website.


Hager media communicationThe journalistic strengths lie in the areas of expertise related to...


The journalistic strengths lie in the areas of expertise related to travel, sports and lifestyle. Creative contributions for the clientele interested in these themes slide off our pens with ease. The development of tourism connected with the economic ties in place often marks various of our publications. As committed and active athletes, we understand that this topic is not just as spectators. When shall we begin with typing?

For digital and printed media, we will hit the keys profusely, focusing mainly on the areas of travel and lifestyle.